Diameter increment and growth of Podoearpus trees in natural forests

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Kigomo B.N
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Stems of Podocarpus gracilior and P. milanjianus were selected at Kaptagat natural forest stands for current diameter increment assessments. measurements were carried out over several growth periods. Under the local prevailing climatic conditions, P. gracilior showed better diameter increment than P. milanjianus though its periodic mean annual diameter increment of J.34 cm is low. Lack of free growth conditions may partially explain the low rate of growth. No significant relationship was noted between initial diameter or individual trees and their corresponding mean annual diameter increment in both podocarpus species. Although the available data were limited, it may be tentatively concluded that for these species and such locality to reach a diameter at breast height (DBH) (OB) of 45 ern or 60 cm, P. grocior requires 128 and 175 years respectively. P. milanjianus would require 136 and 220 years to attain the fermentioned DBH (On), respectively.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, 6 (2), p. 113-121