Common Names For Agricultural And Forestry Insects And Mites In East Africa

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Crowe T. J.
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The East Africa Specialist Entomological and Insecticides Committee meets annually to improve the co-ordination of research on forest pegs and crop pests in the three East African countries. At the tenth meeting of the Committee in 1964 it was agreed that a list of approved English names for the various pest, would be of very great assistance to all concerned with advisory and extension work. The list given below comprises names approved by the eleventh (1965) and twelfth (1966) meetings of the Committee. The scientific names are m accordance with the current usage of the Commonwealth Institute of Entomology who very kindly undertook the task of checking the list. Where a change in a scientific name is known to be impending but is not yet published, the name is marked with an asterisk. Authors' names, as is usual in lists of this type, are cited in full.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, 33, p. 55-63