Wheat Research Njoro Annual Report 1966

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Ministry of Agriculture
The year opened with the level of senior staffing at the Wheat Research Station at its lowest ebb for many years with only one senior officer to cover all aspects of the sections' activities. In the following months there was an unprecedented number of staff changes, such "that only five of the 19 senior posts were filled continuously. Throughout the year but it is at 1east possible to record that the staff position improved steadily and there are hopeful indications for the future. A major development was the initiation 'of a, programme of aid from the Canadian Government involving a provision of up to three senior scientists to assist in the running of the research programme and the training of local staff to take over the work. Two Canadian scientists arrived ' during the year with a third to follow in 1967. The year also ' saw the beginning of a, programme of Aid in wheat agronomy from the West German Government, mentioned in detail later.'