Coffee Board of Kenya Monthly Bulletins January 1948

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A discussion occurred not long ago among some planters not far from Nairobi concerning relative rates of pay for casual and daily labour, and for monthly or ticket labour. It was surprising to hear the opinion expressed (and supported) that casual labour should deliberately be paid a daily wage equivalent to a greater sum than that earned by the more permanent monthly labour, on the basis that this is the universal practice elsewhere. There seems to be a fallacy here, particularly in regard to the East African territories where, in general, the demand for labour far out-strips the supply. In most countries, broadly speaking, and ignoring the present abnormal conditions consequent on the war with so much leeway to be made up in production and renovation, safe, steady employment is regarded as something desirable and valuable, while dismissal or unemployment are things to be avoided if not feared. This certainly does not apply to East Africa, and a policy, deliberately adopted, which tends to encourage casual dally employment as against steady productive work is one that appears to be highly detrimental to the interests of planters, must be uneconomical,and one which, if carried to excess, will not, we feel, assist the administrative work of Government,already sufficiently difficult.
Bulletin, XIII (145), pp. 3-14