A soil Suitability Guide for Different Tillage Systems in the Tropics

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A tillage guide is needed to give systematic adoption of tillage technology in the tropics. A rating system is proposed for assessing the applicability of tillage and of tillage practices for different soils. Soil and climatic properties considered in developing the rating system include erosivity, erodibility, soil loss tolerance, compaction, soil temperature regime, available water holding capacity, cation exchange capacity and soil organic matter content. Also included is the quantity of crop residue on the soil surface at seeding. The minimum and the maximum cumulative rating values for all factors ranges from 14 to 70. No-till is applicable for soils with cumulative ratings of less than 30 and conventional tillage system of plowing and harrowing for soils whose cumulative rating values exceed 45. For soils with intermediate rating some form of minimum or reduced tillage is suggested. Separate rating systems are suggested for rice and for tropical root crops.
The Journal Of The International Institute, 5, p. 179-196