Ministry of Agriculture-National Agricultural Laboratory Soils and Agriculture Chemistry Section Annual Report For 1980

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Ministry of Agriculture
A total of 13,590 samples 15% less than the previous year were analysed during the year of which 9970 were Soils, 2880 plant materials, 306 agricultural chemicals, 234 irrigation waters, 102 fertilizers and manures and 98 feedstuffs. Mean maize grain yields from the maintenance and improvement of soil fertility trials on nitosols varied from 3480 kg/ha at Kisii to 5570 kg/ha at NAL and 5960 kg/ha at Embu, from either manure alone or with the compound fertilizer . Lower grain yields were recorded from the Luvisol at Katumani because of the drier conditions. However grain yields were increased by applying fertilizer with or without manure and by mulching. In the bracken zone soils (Andosol) lime and manure increased maize grain yields from 3300 to 6600 kg/ha Lime raised the soil per calcium and magnesium levels in the soils were also raised. On the same soil, potassium and manure increased potato tuber yields. Phosphorus and nitrogen did not have significant effects on maize grain or potato tuber yields.