A Key to the Alatae Vivipares of Unipterus Hall (Homoptera; Aphididae) and Descriptions of Some New Species

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Eastop V. F.
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Three new species and a new sub-Species are here described. The adults of these species, as of all the previously described species, normally have a first tarsal chaetotaxy of 9: 9: 9. All the first inst.ar larvae of Unipterus seen by the author have a first tarsal chaetotaxy of 2: 2: 2. The types of the new species described here will he deposited in the British Museum (Natural History). Thanks are due to Mr. J. P. Doncaster for the loan of a slide of his U. comrniphorac several yean; ago and for the opportunity to examine the Unipterus material in the British Museum, to Dr. D. Hille Ris Lambers for an opinion on the status of U. commiplorae persimilis subsp. N and to Dr. B Verdcourt of the East African Herbarium for identifying many of the host plants. The aphids were collected while the author held a Colonial Research Fellowship.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, 24, p. 212-218