A Note on the Soil Fauna of a Pyrethrum Field

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Knowledge of the arthropod an soil fauna of East Africa is confined to two studies by Salt (1952, 1955) who was principally concerned with the fauna of pastures but made observations on the fauna of coffee, cassava plantatons, and fallow land, The only other report was a special study, performed during the course of work on NematucerClIs sp. (Bullock, 1962) in which records were kept of only the numbers of larvae of this pest. In a similar, although less extensive, study, samples of soil from several pyrethrum fields were examined for the purpose of determining the incidence and distribution of quiescent instars of various Thysanoptera, and principally ofThrips nigrupi/oslIs which was causing damage to the crop. During this work, it was observed that very small numbers of arthropods were being extracted in the samples and therefore, when opportunity offered. a few samples were examined more carefully with the intention of checking this observation,
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, XIV (No 1), p. 8-10