Calvings and Calf Mortality in Ankole Long-Horned Cattle

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Wilson, F.
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The data are for four complete years, 1959- 1962 inclusive, and cover 925 calving’s. They are derived from a monthly differential census taken of privately owned, traditionally managed, herds of Ankole Long Horns on the ranches within the Unit. The information regarding births and deaths is given by the graziers, but veterinary staff carry out a monthly physical count. From the male calf population a total of 46.72 per cent is lost by disease and other causes compared with 21.77 per cent of the female calf population. The combined percentage of males and females failing to reach the age of 10-12 months is 33.76 per cent. This figure is deduced by assuming males and females to be born in equal numbers, that is a total of 1,096 calves, and taking the figure for total mortality to make the calculation. The peak conception periods being March and August. In Ankole these two months coincide with the end of the dry seasons and the start of the light rains.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, XXIX (No. 2), p. 178-181