Potato Clonal Variation with Respect to the Relation between Fruit Set And Tuber Yield

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Kidane, M
Haile, M
Peloquin, S.J
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Although fruiting may have some physiological influence on vegetative growth or yield in some crops, there are few and conflicting observations concerning the relation between fruiting and tuber yield in potatoes. Bartholdi [2] studied the influence of flowering and fruiting upon vegetative growth and tuber yield in four selected potato cultivars (Russet Rural, Irish Cobbler, Minn 5-10-1-4·2, and Minn 5-2-4-2). He found that both flowering lind fruiting caused significant reduction in vegetative growth and tuber yield in all the cultivars he used. Possible effects of fruiting on tuber yield in some cultivars of andigena (Solalllllll andigenllm) have also been observed by de la Puente (personal communication) in Peru. However, other results indicate that fruiting does not have any significant effect on tuber yield in potato. Working in reciprocal crosses between andigena and tuberosum clones in Ithaca, Cornell, Cubelios (personal communication) found no effect of fruiting on tuber yield. Newman and Leonian [7] and Young [II] working with the cultivar Lookout Mountain found no definite correlation between seed production and yield of tubers. Stout and Clark [9] also found no difference in tuber yields between flowering and non-flowering plants of potato. Results obtained by Arthur et al. [I] also indicate that flowering does not have any effect on tuber production. In fact, they secured some of the best tuber yields from plants that bloomed profusely.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, 40 (3), p. 256-260