Forage Legumes for Medium Altitudes in Kenya

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Strange, R.
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This paper is a revision of one presented at the 6th International Grassland Congress, in which the writer attempted to survey some of the main forage legume requirements in the mixed farming areas at medium altitudes (roughly 5,000-8,000 ft.) of the Kenya Highlands, The present revised lists of species are based on more recent experience gained from small nursery plots and preliminary grazing trials at Kitale, combined with observations in other parts of the Highlands. Although they must be regarded as tentative at this stage, it is thought that these suggestions may be of interest to farmers and research workers in parts of the tropics where conditions are comparable. Kitale lies 1 degree N of the Equator, north-east from Lake Victoria. The altitude is 6,200 feet. The mean main fall is 46 in., falling mainly between April and October, with a drought period (hot season) from December to March. The average day temperature is 81degree F. in the hot season, and 74 degrees F. during the rains. The soil is a friable sandy loam of medium fertility, varying from grey to red, with a pH generally between 5 and 6.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, XX (No. 4), p. 221-224