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Kenya Agricultural Research Institute
The year under review was relatively fairer than the previous one. The centre received more rains than average and the forage for . animals was more than enough owing to the current understocking of the ranch. It should be noted that KARl inherited only 100 heads of cattle from the Ministry of Agriculture in 1989 on taking over. Over the years, the centre has been trying to multiply this number but the progress has been rather too slow. Our pleads to KARl to establish goats' stud and additional cattle stock has not been fruitful either. Some investments are necessary to attain maximum carrying capacity, thus derive benefits from the ranch. In essence the major activities over the year were centred on centre management. During the year, we managed to put up a permanent cattle boma complete with concrete slap using materials retrieved from old farm structures. These were cedar and terminalia posts; chain link, barbed wires and timber. Bush clearing continued in paddock B adjacent to dairy boma and slashing of firebreaks continued all year round. Other routine activities included maintaining of farm structures, building and livestock operations.