Nutritive Values Of Feeding Stuffs

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French M. H.
Rogerson A.
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With the establishment of the Joint Animal Industry Division of E.AAF.R.O. and E.A.V.R.O. at Muguga, one of the problems with which this Division will be concerned will be the determination of the feeding values of a number of East African animal fodders and concentrated foods. Many common foodstuffs in Tanganyika have already been reported upon and the results have been summarized[1]. This earlier work with cattle, sheep and pigs inevitably omitted many animal foodstuffs which are commonly used in East Africa and was truncated by wartime emergencies before it had dealt adequately with the wide range of local grasses, hays and silages. The resumption of this work with sheep at Muguga will enable many gaps to be filled and will be complementary to work on similar lines and with the same objectives in other territorial stations, such as the digestibility studies being undertaken with oxen at the Entebbe laboratory in Uganda. Although there is much to be done on the evaluation of local feeding-stuffs, it is confidently expected that unnecessary and unfortunate overlapping in this work will be effectively prevented by discussions at the various Interterritorial Committees and by the interchange of visits and information between the workers involved.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, xx (no. 3), p. 149-150