East African Agriculture And Forestry Research Organisation Annual Report 1950

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East African Agriculture And Forestry Research Organisation
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East African Agriculture And Forestry Research Organisation
The Annual Report of a research organisation should, normally, include only brief references to buildings, to administrative and staff matters, and usually then only for purposes of formal record. But it has been necessary, in the present Report, as in the previous two, to deal with these matters in some detail. The progress of the building scheme, involving a large capital contribution of £295,000 from the home government under the Colonial Development and Welfare Acts, must obviously be reported in some detail. Again, the conception of a regional Research Organisation is a novel one in British Colonial history, and its successful functioning will be largely-but not, of course, exclusively-dependent upon the creation of flexible and easy contacts between the Organisation and the territorial bodie3 and individuals concerned; here, problems of facilitating joint or team researches arise, together with the complementary problem of keeping the necessary administrative and financial procedures on a level where they serve rather than obstruct the scientific objects. Clearly some account of the progress made in these problems is needed, both in its own right, and as guidance for those concerned in similar developments elsewhere. Finally, some account of staff matters is necessary because many cuts have been made in both the material facilities contemplated in the original scheme, and in the size of the scientific staff needed to carry out the work.