Kenya Agricultural Research Institute NAL- Kenya Soil Survey

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Muya E.M
Gachini J.K
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Ministry of Agriculture
Characterization of the benchmark site was done to provide the basis of testing the methods adopted by the project scientists in characterizing and evaluating Below Ground Bio-diversity (BGBD). The results of site characterization were intended to provide the opportunity for: • Understanding the relationships between BGBD, biophysical environment and socioeconomic characteristics affecting land use and management • Appreciating the relationships between land use intensification gradients and land quality attributes under different land use systems. • Testing the selected indicators of BGBD loss in terms of their response to variations in land quality attributes under different land use systems The site characterization began by assessing and evaluating the existing secondary data required for the analysis of the linkages between cropping systems, management practices and biophysical environments under different socio-economic conditions. These linkages, together with results of laboratory analysis assisted in identifying soil quality indicators and evaluating ecosystem functions under different land use systems.