Soil Map of Kenya – Explanation of Colour Reference Numbers – Well Drained Soils

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Loveridge (1957) lists 161 species and subspecies of snake from East Africa. Eighty-nine of these belonging to some 41 genera were recorded from Kenya. The new list contains some 106 forms of 46 genera. Three full species have been deleted from Loveridge's original checklist. Typhlops b. blanfordii has been synonymised with Typhlops I. lineolatus, Typhlops kaimosae has been symnymised with Typhlops angolensis (Roux-Esteve 1974) and Coluber citernii has been synonymised with Meizodon semiornatus (Lanza 1963). Of the 20 forms added to the list, 12 are forms collected for the first time in Kenya but occurring outside its political boundaries and one, Atheris desaixi is a new species, the holotype and paratypes being collected within Kenya. There has also been a large number of changes amongst the 89 original species as a result of revisionary systematic studies. This accounts for the other additions to the list.
Bulletin, 31 (167), p. 1-18