Kenya Agricultural Research Institute Naivasha Annual Report Highlights

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Kenya Agricultural Research Institute
Dairy cattle research (DCR) is a priority programme within animal production division of KARl. The main goal of the programme is to contribute to profitable, sustainable and environmentally sound dairy farming targeting smallholder producers and to direct efforts at extensive farming efforts where resources permit. This goal embraces the policy of promoting rural development by alleviating poverty in these areas through increased income generation and employment creation. This programme also targets increased agricultural growth and improved efficiency in productivity through integration with all stakeholders. The programme is designed to embrace important components which include strategic development research, on-farm testing, dissemination activities that involve extension services and adoption by smallholder farmers who hence get empowered through the use of economically viable technologies The contribution expected from these efforts, include year round availability of adequate balanced feeds and animal management to enable the livestock sector to economically ensure self- sufficiency in domestic supplies of milk, meat and other livestock products. Nationally, therefore, DCR coordination endeavors to improve the programme efficiency in order to generate sustainable technologies of practical use to the farmers tailored to specific dairy farming systems and environments in keeping with KARl's mission and vision. DCR coordination is based in KARl - Naivasha and is conducted in collaboration with KARl centres working on dairy research, ASARECA, University systems (Internal & External), Agricultural extension services, Kenya dairy board, Private sectors, NOOs, farmers, CBOs and IP AR.