Analysis Of Structure Conduct And Performance of Of Sweet Potato Marketing The Case Of nairobi And Kisumu Kenya

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Gichangi A. W
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Gichangi A. W
Sweetpotato has the potential of contributing significantly to Kenya's national objective of enhancing food security. The crop withstands drought and it is easy to grow. It can also play an important role in the diets of many rural households. Despite this importance, sweetpotato is not adequately market-oriented and competitiveness of smallholder farmers is limited by low productivity and poor quality of traditional varieties. The crop is source of raw material for agricultural industries. The organizational structure of Kenya's sweet potato industry and its performance are not well documented. The study aimed at assessing the structure, conduct and performance of sweetpotato marketing system in Nairobi and Kisumu, identify and characterize the opportunities and constraints on market participants which influence its performance .. Data used for analysis in this work was collected using a formal survey instrument during 2009. The survey instrument was specially designed to track the alternative channels used in sweetpotato transactions and to capture the associated prices, volumes, and transaction costs in the source and final markets along the value chain.