A Punch-Card Method Based on Vegetative characters For Identifying East African Grasses

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Gwynne,M. D.
Senyimba,M. S.
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The identification of the higher plants by classical botanical methods is at present largely based on the characteristics of their flowers. Thus it is necessary to have a plant in flower before a positive identification can be made. In many areas of the world flowering is restricted to one or two comparatively short seasons per year which are determined by variable environmental factors such as light intensity, temperature and rainfall. Positive taxonomic identification can, therefore, only be made on plants collected during these short flowering periods. With most groups of flowering plants this is not an unduly serious practical difficulty. Grasses. However, are different for they form the basis of the world's livestock industry. In any country with a livestock production potential it is essential to be able to carry out research and management on grassland at any time of the year. Mos.t such work involves being able to distinguish between the various grasses that make up the pasture or range.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, XXXVI (No 4), p. 334-352