Relationship between External Morphological Characteristics and Shell Indices of Eggs of Domestic Fowl Kept in Warm Humid Tropics

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Oguike M.A.
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A study on the relationship between external morphological characteristics and shell indices of eggs of domestic chicken was carried out in the Poultry Unit of the Department of Animal Science, University of Nigeria, Nsukka. The eggs used for the investigation were collected from commercial hybrid Lohmann pullets. These birds were kept singly in battery cages and fed layers' ration containing about 17% crude protein and 3.2% calcium. Water was supplied ad /ibill4m. The mean egg width, length, surface area and shape index were 4.35 cm, 5.78 cm, 74, 01 cm2 and 75.32 respectively. The mean shell weight, volume, shell specific gravity, shell membrane weight and shell thickness were 5.20 g, 6.27 cm' 0.94 g em" and 0.21 g and 0.33 mm respectively. Egg shape index was positively correlated with shell thickness while shell thickness and egg surface area showed a negative correlation (PSO.OS). Shell membrane weight was not correlated with shape index but was positively correlated with egg surface area (PSO.OS). Thus, egg surface area increases with shell membrane weight. There was no significant correlation between shell specific gravity and egg features
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, 60 (No. 1 & 2), p. 31-34