KARI Horticulture Research Priorities 1996

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Kenya Agricultural Research Institute
Due to scarcity of resources, particularly human, governments and donors are being called upon to justify their past and future investments. The ex-ante evaluation of research impact helps researchers and managers to determine the potential benefit of a particular technology and/or determine the worthiness of an investment before committing funds to it. This paper presents the application of a process for setting national commodity research priorities both spatially and by major research theme. First a working group made up of horticultural program scientists developed a consensus on program target zones as well as potential for the generation and adoption of technologies in those zones. Secondly, the working group assumptions were combined with available economic data to estimate ex-ante economic surpluses of program impact. These results will be presented to various stakeholders in horticulture in order to review the working group assumptions. The stakeholders will also playa major role in translating priorities into guidelines for research managers on resource allocation decisions.