Status of Agroforestry Research in Kenya

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Nyaman, D. O.
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The paper reviews the status of agroforestry research and development in Kenya over the past 2 decades evolving from a simple rotational sequence of temporal agroforestry to intensive and complex multi-storey Systems In all these developments, the most distinctive element and point of focus ,s seen as the contribution of the multipurpose woody species (trees and shrubs). Agroforestry during this period has undergone transformation from a mere descriptive study into one requiring a more scientific approach. Subsequent development in agroforestry research has focused on three key areas: characterisation and analysis of land use/farming systems, agroforestry technology development and systems improvement and assessment, screening, management and evaluation of MPT's. The paper exams major achievements in research as well as the constraints contributing to the s low rate III the development of research in agroforestry The principal constraints Identified Include methodological difficulties coupled With the socio-economic and ecological complexity that are inherent III agroforestry systems. Particular attention is focused on participatory, analytical and multidisciplinary characterisation as a first step III agroforestry research finally, the paper stresses the need for additional research effort to be focused on key agroforestry technologies, in terms of adaptability with farmers, and to provide the basis for developing a decision support system package.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, 62 (1), p. 25-43