soil moisture deficit Under Montaine Rain Forest And Tea

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Eeles C.W.O
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The main objectives of the catchment research into changes of land use at Kericho have been fully set out in Section 2.1.1, and the importance of possible changes in the soil moisture regime in this experiment requires no further emphasis. The Lagan catchment, with its relatively undisturbed montane rain forest, provides the pattern of water use in the Natural environment, whist the Sambret catchment provides a comparison when land use is changed to tea. However, differences in Seasonality rainfall distribution for the two catchments complicate the comparison of their soil moisture regime; this difference in rainfall Is fully discussed in Section 2.2.1. Nevertheless, differences in soil moisture depletion can be compared between the two catchments under dry conditions such as the drought in 1971, and the effects of the 54 per cent land use change on Sambret can be compared with the natural soil moisture regime under the uncleared forest which covers the rest of the Catchment. This residual forest comprises 180 ha of bamboo and 140 ha of montane min forest as shown in Fig. 3 of Section 2.1.1.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, 43 (Special Issue), p. 128-138