Greenhouse Evaluation of Transformations Of N15 Enriched Urea Under Varying Management Systems: I: Thermodynamic Relationship and the Stable Products of Ureolyis

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Obiagwu C. J.
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A greenhouse study was conducted to evaluate the transformation of ISN-enriched urea under varying management conditions, with respect to thermodynamic relationship and the stable products of ureolysis. Nutrient release and solubility rates as well as the rate of transformation regulated the concentration of soluble N in a system where urea was used as fertilizer. Point placement of urea super granule and the band placement introduced restriction and reduced the surface areas open for microbe attack. Urea may remain in the system for upward of 40 days and move to any level of soil column following soil water movement. Addition of N-Serve to urea inhibited nitrification and secondarily inhibited hydrolysis. The ammonium saturation is in fact the cause of the secondary effect. The relative effectiveness of the treatments can now be concluded in: the following order:- UBR IBOU BR UBR USPP N+UPR, if similar experimental conditions are considered.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, 57 (nos 3 &4), p. 217-229