Kenya Agricultural Research Institute a Briefing Paper on Research Programmes 1995

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Kenya Agricultural Research Institiute
Research involving animal diseases on an East African basis was first initiated in 1938 when a Central Veterinary Research Institute was established at Kabete to conduct research on major diseases affecting livestock in the region. However, in 1949, a decision was made to move all the research aspects dealing with the greater East African Region to a new site at Muguga. The construction of the East African Veterinary Research Organisation was completed in 1954 under the umbrella of the East African Common Services Organization. With the collapse of the East African Community in 1977, the laboratory was absorbed into the Ministry of Agriculture and renamed the Veterinary Research Department. Following the Science and Technology Act of 1979, the laboratory was combined with the former East African Agricultural and Forestry Research Organization, (National Agricultural Research Centre, Muguga) to form the Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARl). The Institute was subsequently reorganized in 1986 to incorporate all research centres dealing with agricultural and livestock research in the then Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development. The laboratory is now called the National Veterinary Research Centre (NVRC), Muguga.