Interim Results of a Fuel Yield Trial on Eucalypts

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Freemant G. H.
Howland P.
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The experiment described IS being carried out at the East African Agriculture and Forestry Research Organization with the principal object of comparing the long-term fuel production potential of the local, East African, provenance of Eucalyptus saligna with that of authentic E. saligna and E wandis provenances from Australia. Yield evaluations, in both volumetric and calorific terms, are given together with comparative estimates of various growth parameters; the relationship between solid and stacked volumes has been established, rates of drying determined. The combined results from two five year rotations on the site tested show that Eucalyptus grand is yields about 22 percent and 1.'5 per cent more solid volume and, in terms of calorific yield about 11 per cent and 7 per cent more than the Australian and local E. saligna respectively. Thus, E. grand be a better potential long-term fuel species than E. saligna, but a wide range of sites must be tested before a general change of specie<; could be advocated. It would appear reasonable in the meantime to continue to use the local source of E. saligna rather than to re-introduce authentic seed from Australia.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, XLIV (No. 4), p. 257-264