Aeconnaissance survey OfArable Land In the Area East Of Meru town

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Nyandat N. l~.
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Ministry Of Agriculture
at the request of the Planning Division of the ministry of Agriculture, a reconnaissance survey "as conducted over an area of approximately 86,000 hectares in Meru District with a view to estimate arable land. The information was to be used for writing an aid request to the world Bank for agricultural development in the District. The investigation which covers the area East of Meru Town stretches as far as Tunyai in the South, Mikinduri in the East and Kianjai in the North. The area investigated lies within Longitudes 370 38' 30'; 001 0 1 East to 37 51' 30a East and Latitudes 0 10 North to 0 11 South. It is covered by the Survey Of Kenya 1:50,000 topographic map sheets 108/3, 108/4, 122/1 and 122/2. The work heavily relied on air-photo interpretation on a scale of 1:50,000 and only some five days were spent on ground check. A part of the area remained unseen at close range on the ground and the accuracy of the map and the estimated areas must therefore strictly be treated as only approximate.