KARI Oda Second Phase NARP II January 1995

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Ministry of Agriculture
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Kenya Agricultural Research Institute
1.1 The Project is a component of the overall ODA support to the National Agricultural Research Project Phase II [NARP II], approved by the ODA Projects Evaluation Committee and the Government of Kenya. 1.2 ODA will provide up to £0.662 million from Technical Co-operation funds approved for NARP II to strengthen the capacity of KARl to do research in the agronomy of animal feed production and animal nutrition. 1.3 The Project will provide equipment, transport, some recurrent costs on a declining scale, consultancy visits and training. A Project budget is presented at Annex 1. 1.4 The GoK contribution to the Project will be K£0.373miliion. This is in the form of personal emoluments, facilities and operating costs [Annex 1]. 1.5 The Project's purpose, to increase milk production through increased supply of forage and improved utilisation of available feed resources, will be achieved through inputs into two SUb-components. One on forage production [agronomy] and one on feed utilisation [nutrition]. 1.6 The KARl Project Manager will be nominated by the Director KARl in consultation with senior KARl management and the BDDEA. S/he will report to the AD Animal Production. S/he will be responsible for the administration and management of the Project, the supervision of Project staff and the management and supervision of Project equipment and vehicles. Terms of reference are given at Annex 2. In the absence of an ODA Field Manager on this Project, s/he will be assisted in these duties by the KARI/ODA Co-ordinator. The work in each component will be led by a Team Leader, nominated by the Project Manager in consultation with the AD Animal Production. Terms of reference are given at Annex 3. 1.7 To promote research, transfer of technology, training and institutional strengthening the Project will utilise consultants from an institution[s] with expertise in animal nutrition and forage agronomy. A senior scientist from one of these collaborating institutions will be designated as a UK Technical Research Co-ordinator to ensure complementarity of research activities. 1.8 In the absence of an ODA Field Manager, the KARI/ODA Co-ordinator will operate an imprest account following standard procedures agreed for NARP II. Conditional on the satisfactory operation of KARl financial systems, reviewed 9 months after the start of the Project, the Project Manager will disburse the Local and Recurrent budget of the Project through the KARl financial system according to agreed NARP II procedures.