Large-Scale Wheat Production at Oldeani,Tanganyika Territory, In 1943 and 1944

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Redfeam, C.
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In this Journal, Volume IX No. 40, an account was given by one of the authors of the production of wheat on a large scale on ex-enemy estates at Oldeani. The results obtained during the past two years, together with the further experience gained, are considered worthy of a second review on the same lines as that of the 1942 crop, particularly as there was an increase in the area planted in 1943, and the weather and the incidence of pests and diseases were considerably different. Moreover, the results obtained give some indication of' what might be gained by co-operative farming on a moderate scale, for the wheat and coffee enterprises, as they are now managed at Oldeani, are really a form of co-operative farming. More details are also given in this article of yields obtained from land planted successively to wheat for up to five years. It was mentioned in the previous review that some farmers in the Oldeani area had been planting wheat on the same land for nine successive years and were still obtaining very good crops. It is shown that in wheat fields on the ex-enemy estates yields are generally still rising, but it must be remembered that the weather from year to year is an important factor in this respect, and the last two seasons have generally been more favourable to wheat than 1942.
East African Agricultural and Forestry Journal, XI (NO2), pp. 122-130