Legume Screening Database(LSD|)Manual

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Kenya Agricultural Research Institute
The Legume Research Network Project (LRNP) is a KARI project initiated in 1994 with technical and financial support from the Rockefeller Foundation. One of its main activities at inception was to screen a large green manure legume germplasm to identify those suitable for the major agro-ecological zones in Kenya. This screening work was conducted in 1995 and 1996 and all the screening data has been complied into a database known as the Legume Screening Database (LSD). The LSD is comprised of performance data of 59 green manure legumes screened in 11 sites covering major soil types and agroecological zones in Kenya. The legumes were screened for two years in 1995 and 1996 mainly on-station in KARI centers. The database include information on screening sites and their characteristics, legume species screened per site, data on legume germination, ground cover, phenology, nodulation, dry matter accumulation and tissue analysis. The database is in MS Access software and it is organized in five object; Tables, Forms, Queries, Reports and Macros. The main database switch board has four main operation tools which assist in carrying out desired operations in the database. These are, Introduction, Add/View data tool, Summaries/Analysis and Reports. This database is for use by research scientists, extensionists, NGOs, and all those interested in introducing legumes into the Kenyan farming systems. This instruction manual was prepared to assist users of the data in accessing selected information/data from the database based on their selection criteria.