Netherlands Support to the National Agricultural Research Project Phase II (1994-2000)

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Ministry Of Agriculture
The Government of the Netherlands has supported agricultural research in Kenya over the last 35 years in one way or another. After the re-organisation of the Kenyan agricultural research system in late 1980s the support of the Government of the Netherlands in agricultural research and development in Kenya was consolidated under the re-organised Kenya Agricultural Research Institute. The first phase of this support ended in 1995 and a follow-on second phase started immediately. While the first phase was implemented through several backstopping institutions of the Netherlands, the second phase was implemented through one backstopping institution - the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT). The previous focus of the second phase was to support development and dissemination of appropriate technologies in specific priority areas. While disciplinary-wise the second phase support took over the same areas as the second phase, the management and methodology were quite different. The second phase focused more on adaptive research and participatory methodologies involving as many stakeholders as practically possible. The support was more on a regional basis focusing in the Coastal region, Western Kenya and Eastern midlands.