Kenya Agricultural Research Institute Joint Projects Annual Report July 2012 -June 2013

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Kopia Kenya Agricultural Research Institute
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Ministry Of Agriculture
Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) plays an important role in national food security and nutrition, poverty alleviation and income generation, and generates employment in the production, processing, and marketing subsectors. The basic problem faced by potato farmers in Kenya is low productivity occasioned by several factors including poor agronomic practices such as poor soil fertility, use of poor quality seed and seed management practices, moisture stress, poor soil moisture conservation techniques and inadequate use of improved of varieties. This project seeks to address constraints along the production and marketing segments of the potato value chain through interventions in soil nutrition, water management, improved germplasm and good quality seed using participatory market approaches. Some of the marketing problems along the value chain will also be tackled by strengthening the linkages between producers and markets. The project will be implemented using a four-pronged approach; namely assessment of current production practices among smallholder farmers; development, validation and promotion of agronomic technologies; linking potato growers to markets; and impact assessment of the projects' interventions. The project is expected to contribute to increased productivity, commercialization and competitiveness of potato industry in the country.