Ministry Of Agriculture National Agricultural Laboratories FURP Phase 1 Final Report Annex 111 1987

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Ministry Of Agriculture
Based on a review of recent literature on Farming Systems Research (FSR), the conclusion is drawn that FSR offers a new logical framework for identifying research topics relevant to smallholder agriculture and for project implementation. FSR includes farming systems research in a strict sense but also on-farm research with a systems perspective. The three major phases of the FSR cycle, diagnosis, design and testing, are interactive, i.e. the testing phase may reveal that aspects of the farming system were insufficiently understood for successful integration of innovations, leading to additional analytic studies of those aspects. It is argued that smallholders try to maximize subsistence ' security rather than production. This is reflected in complex cropping patterns and multiple use of crops, e.g. for food grains, leaves as vegetables, and residues as animal feed . Furthermore, smallholders are often involved not only in cropping but also in animal husbandry and off-farm activities such as wage labour or