Journal Brief Some Observations on the Occurrence and Distribution of Lymnaea Natalensis Krauss in Its Habitats in Kenya

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Cheruiyot, H.K
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Lymnaea natalensis Krauss, the important snail vector for FascIOla gigantica Cobbold in most parts of Africa has been described as occurring in permanent fresh water (Van Someren1946, Hammond, 1965; McCullough. 1965). This is in sharp contrast to the habitat of L. truncatulaMuller the vector of F. hepatica Linnaeus, which occurs on wet .mud or in temporary water (Hammond, 1965). L. mweruensis Connoly, the vector of F. hepatica in Kenya. Also occurs in wet mud and temporary water (Dinnik &Dinnik, 1957). During routine field surveys for fascioliasis in Kenya, L. natalensis sometimes become difficult to find where they have been plentiful previously. These snails abo appear to occur in temporary water and in some cases they occur in newly established habitats. This study was designed to re-examInC occurrence of the snails in their normal habitats in a number of areas where liver fluke is endemic in Kenya and to characterize the habitat in which these snails occur more frequently.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, 52 (No 1), p. 58-60