Development of Blast Chilling Method for Cooked Meat Dishes

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Martins R
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In order to ensure hygienic end-product realization, it is necessary as soon as possible to chill it by using efficient methods, such as blast chilling. Blast chill equipment provides food chilling optimum for 90-120 min to +3 0c, reaching an internal temperature of food particularly for the perishable ready-to-eat product groups, including meat dishes, which are used as a reference model in this study. The aim of the research is to reduce duration of the chilling process at the same time providing equipollent microbiological indices of the product to be chilled, which could enable carrying out its storage in a chilled condition for several days. For this study, two types of meat dishes were used-pork goulash and minced meat sauce. Research results show that by combining the food safety standards and cost-efficiency, chilling final temperature of blast chilling was in the range of+3 °C-+II °c, followed by further storage in refrigerator. It was recommended to stop the blast chilling at +7 °C_+ 11°C temperature range, depending on the required shelf life for the ready-to-eat product. It is therefore essential to encourage the blast chilling process. reducing its duration and enabling to optimize the overall process.
Journal Of Life Sciences, 7 (5), p. 553-558