Hunt Management Programme Kajiado District

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Ministry Of Agriculture Kenya
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Ministry Of Agriculture Kenya
Because ownership of the land in Kajiado District is changing from trust to private land status, a new wildlife management approach is being developed for this District. Wildlife in the District is an important resource and the new management plan will be fonnulated to provide the sustained maximum revenue to the landowners from this resource. Since hunting is an obvious fonn of wildlife utilization and has the potential for a high economic return it will be an important part of the management programme. This document has been prepared to infonn the hunting pu.blic and to guide the administration of the programme. The programme will be administered by the Kenya Game Department for the Government with assistance from the Food and Agriculture Organization and the United Nations Development Programme. Because the programme is new and in the developmental stages any suggestions will be most welcome. Such suggestions should be sent to The project Manager, Kenya Wildlife Management project, P.O. Box 30559, Nairobi. The ultimate success of the programme will to a great extent depend upon hunters abiding by the conditions controlling hunting, and making accurate and complete reports of information requested of them