National Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition Research Programme

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Kenya Agricultural Research Institute
Meetings were held in early 1987 to draft a National Research Programme on Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition for the country. Participation was mainly from National Agricultural Laboratories, Kabete 'and National Agricultural Research Centre, Muguga which traditionally had adequate to fair representation of soil scientists. Involvement from other Research Centres was basically through correspondence. Most of these Centres lack soil scientists and could not send representatives to the Meetings due to some or other reason. However, a draft prepared on research priorities as a result of the above meetings was submitted to almost all Research Centres for comments and suggestions particularly on regional-specific problems which might have been overlooked and which should be included in the Programme. Although the response was not as good as expected, an at, tempt was made to include all suggestions received in this document. Topics which might have been left out unintentionally or which might arise later can be accommodated in the Programme