Legume Nodulation and Nitrogen Fixation Studies in Kenya

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Souza D. I. A.
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Nodulation studies carried out on an extensive scale have shown that none of the introduced legumes were able to nodulate effectively without the aid of inoculation. Hence it is clearly shown that these legumes must be inoculated. It is advisable to use selected effective strains of inoculant bacteria with such species as Trifolium semipilosulll and Glycine max. Certain indigenous genera such as erotalaria spp. and Dolichos spp. need not be inoculated. Different agronomic techniques are used to evaluate nitrogen fixation in legumes which nodulate naturally and those which do not. In a field trial with Lucerne, a legume which does not nodulate naturally, it was estimated that the plant fixed the equivalent of about 50 lb. N in 120 days. Field trials designed to' evaluate symbiotic nitrogen fixation by profusely nodulated Phaseollls vulgaris beans, have shown that this legume can fix adequate nitrogen to meet its nutritional requirements. In traditional bean-growing areas, inoculation of seed is unnecessary.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, XXXIV (No. 3), p. 299-305