Native Honey Production for Export

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Harris,W. V
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The importation of honey into the United Kingdom rose from an average of 1,300 tons per annum over the five-year period 1910-14 to16,000 tons in 1918, owing to war-time restrictions on the use of sugar. The price of honey rose with the increased demand. After the war the quantity imported dropped to 2,650 tons per annum over 1920-24, rose to 3,950 tons during the next five years, and has continued to rise ever since. There are already indications that the demand is increasing during the present war. Normally, the price of honey is linked with that of sugar, with an Empire preferential tariff of seven shillings per cwt. over honey of foreign origin. Roughly fifty percent of the honey on the United Kingdom market comes from Empire sources, notably New Zealand, the West Indies. Canada, and, to a less extent, Palestine. Other sources include the United States, the non-British West Indies, and Russia
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, 6, p. 14-15