IPM-Horticulture- Brassica Planning Workshop for East and South Africa Region 1995

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Kenya Agriculture Research Institute
The welcome address was given by Dr. Harriet Thindwa, Bvumbwe Research Station, and Limbe - Malawi, as the host and in her capacity as the Coordinator for Brassicas Research Activities. In her speech, Dr. Thindwa warmly welcomed all the participants to the workshop and expressed her gratitude to Dr. B. LOhr, GTZ lPM Horticulture Coordinator for giving Malawi the honour of coordinating the activities for brassicas in the region, and for having chosen Malawi as the venue of the planning workshop. Furthermore, she said she felt honoured to be the person to coordinate the research activities. She pledged that she would do her best to make this project a big success for regional benefit. She also noted that although Malawi is a big grower of brassicas, it has serious production setbacks due to losses caused by pests and diseases and hoped that this project will help to alleviate them.