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Desert Locust Control Organization for Eastern Africa
This report continues the account (Report of the Desert Locust Survey and Control-1st January, 1953-30th June, 1955) of the contribution by Desert Locust Survey to the control of the Desert Locusts, particularly in the Eastern African Region, and outlines the progress of research conducted by the Department much of it in collaboration with the Anti-Locust Research Centre, London. The period covered by the report witnessed a considerable local recession of the plague. The whole of the Somali Peninsula was free from major locust activity from January, 1956, to June, 1957, and the whole of the Eastern Region, which includes Iran, India, Pakistan, was free from locust invasion from late 1955 to early 1958. Meanwhile, however, the plague continued unabated elsewhere with regular migrations on a large scale between the main spring breeding areas of the Arabian Peninsula and north-west Africa and the summer breeding belt of tropical Africa, the bulk of the breeding being sometimes in the Sudan, sometimes in north-west Africa, sometimes Ethiopia, but always there was breeding somewhere on a scale in excess of the locally available control potential. The period ends with the re-infestation of the Eastern Region.