Proceedings of Centre Research Advisory Committee (Crac) Meeting 2008

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Kenya Agricultural Research Institute
KARI has a mission of contributing to agricultural innovations and knowledge towards improved livelihoods and commercialization of agriculture through increasing productivity and fostering value chains while conserving the environment. To make this happen, KARI must work with partners. These partners ensure, among other things, research proposals are hot only targeting critical constraints but that they are of high quality. Towards this, certain steps and structllres ar~ put in place that allow for evaluation and assessments regularly. One of these structures is the Centre Research Advisory Committee (CRAC) comprising mainly various Subject ¥~tt~r_Specialists (SMS) from KARi Kib~k6- ' Ce~tre, otMr KARI Centres and Nati6nal 'Agriculture Research- Systems (NARS) institutions like the Universities farmers and agro-industry representations. The main task of the CRAC meeting is to evaluate the scientific and technical soundness of the proposals presented by KARI Kiboko scientists. In addition, the meeting serves as an avenue for creating and strengthening linkages and partners especially in areas where capacity at the Centre may not be adequate. Prior to this, the same proposals are presented to a Centre Technical Review Committee (CTRC) and Pre- Centre Research Advisory Committee (Pre-CRAC) for peer review.