KARI-Expert Mission Report 2007

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Kenya Agricultural Research Institute
The specific assignments of the mission were: (i) To make field visits to selected locations in the northern communal areas, and discuss with the project counterparts on the priority issues in soil water management that need to be addressed by the project; (ii) To provide counterparts technical advice and relevant scientific information on (a) the potential and comparative advantages of using nuclear and related techniques in optimising water use efficiency and crop water productivity, and (b) field research methodologies on soil-water management areas; (iii) To develop experimental protocols to conduct the soil water studies and assist in installation and operation of the instruments provided by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), in particular the calibration of the Diviner probe but also to set up of the weather station; (iv)To provide recommendations on the continuation of the soil water management studies in the country; and (v) To train project staff on the laying out of experimental plots, data collection and analysis, construction of water balance and application of the results to develop improved soil water storage and supply during the extremely short rainy season (in some years only two weeks) and improving the efficiency of use of the applied nutrients.