Genotype Environment Interaction and Yield Stability in Haricot Bean Varieties

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Teshome, G.
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Three groups of varieties were grown at Various locations in 1988 and 1989. The performance of bean varieties were tested on a wide range of environments. The analysis of variance across environments showed significant genotype environment interactions for all six groups. The 1988 large seed bean national variety trial (LSBNVT) was chosen for detail stability analysis. Stability parameters were computed by entry mean yield on location mean yield (environmental index). The result showed the linear regression accounted for 80 to 98~ " of the variation in yield of individual entries. Only two varieties had regression coefficient significantly different from 1.0. The mean yield varied from 1365 kg/ha to 2304 kR/ha. Furthermore stability analysis was performed on varieties which were tested in LSBNVT 1988 and 1989. Four varieties had r 2 values 93 to 97%. Only two entries significantly different from 1.0 and the mean yield varied from 1624 kg/ha to 2572 kg/ha. Among the different varieties tested Diacol Calima and A-483 had most stable performance across diverse environments. Moreover, A-410 and A-262 were found suitable to locations where there is relatively reliable rainfall. Using stability analysis varietal recommendation can be made for specific on general adaptation.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, pp. 1-1