A Molasses Crass Variety Trial

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Bogdan, A.V
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Since 1951 numerous samples of molasses grass (Meiillis lIlilllltifiora Beauv.) have been grown in small observational plots at the Grassland Research Station, Kitale. In 195612 of the better varieties were selected for further trial in duplicate plots of 1 / 100 acre each. The trial was planted in April andwas continued for three seasons until October, 1958. The seed was sown in 2 ft. rows at 10 lb. per acre and with it was placed one hundredweight of double superphosphate. One hundredweight of sulphate of ammonia was applied in May each year. Some varieties developed faster than others and to avoid punishing the slower types, all were allowed to flower and set seed in the first year, thus making possible a comparison of seed yields. Molasses grass is a late seeder and grazing did not begin till the second season. The plots were grazed seven times: four times in the second year and three times in the third year.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, 26, p. 132-133