Amani Ninth Annual Report 1936-1937

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East African Agricultural Research Station
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East African Agricultural Research Station
Research has made substantial progress, in spite of some inevitable slowing down in certain sections as a result of leave movements or by reason of officers having to undertake other duties. The visible output, in the form of published memoirs, continued to increase, as the preceding list bears witness. In their several reports research officers described the work upon which they have been employed and the progress made during the year. The contribution that soil science can offer to the progress of agriculture in East Africa in well shown by the year's work of this section. The first phase of the soil research programme culminated in the publication in 1936 of a provisional Soil Map of East Africa. It represents the combined work of all the Soil Chemists of the East African dependencies, co-ordinated at two Conferences of these workers, but owing much to the personal influence of Mr. Milne, who was entrusted with the preparation of the map and its accompanying memoir. This public,ation ~as attracted well merited attention; in few other countries of such large area and sparse population has anything similar been attempted.