Soil and Tissue Tests for Predicting Olive Yields in Turkeyi

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Fox R.L
Aydeniz A.
Kacar B.
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Samples of leaves approximately one-year old were taken from mature olive trees in late July. The percentages of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium in the leaves were compared with mean yields of groves for the previous six crops. A very close relationship was found between the productivity of the groves and the potassium content of the leaves, which ranged from 0.72 to 1"46 per cent. Phosphorus percentage in the leaves was not closely related to yield; probably because there was no general phosphorus deficiency and because potassium was a more limiting factor. Nitrogen percentage did not bear any relationship to yield. Leaf composition was better correlated with past yields than were soil tests. There was a relationship between soil tests for phosphorus and potassium, and olive-leaf composition. The possibility of a relationship between the surface properties of carbonates and the phosphorus and potassium nutrition of the olive is discussed.
Bulletin, 32 (125), p. 84-91