Effect Of Soil Fertility Amendments On Crop Nutrient Content, Bean Stem Maggot Infestation And Yield Of Common Beans In Kisii And Kabete Regions Of Kenya

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Nderitu, J.H.
Ogecha, J.
Ariga, S.E.
Olubajo, F.O.
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Field studies were conducted for two seasons at Kenya Agricultural Research Institute, Kisii station and at the University of Nairobi Kabete campus field station to determine the effect of application of farm yard manure at the rate of 5 and 10 tons /ha, Triple superphosphate at the rates of 25 and 50 kg /ha (phosphorus, calcium nitrate and ammonium nitrate) and at 35 and 75 kg /ha for nitrogen on crop nutrient content, bean stem maggot infestation and yield of common beans. Three common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) varieties cv. EXL 52, G 8047 and GLP2 were used. Bean stem maggot counts, shoot dry weight, adventitious root development, grain yield, levils ofN, P, K and polyphenol were determined. Bean stem maggot count was high in the long than in the short rains and was significantly lower in EXL 52 than the other varieties. Plant loss due to wilting caused by bean fly in the affected plants in G 8047 (2.7 and 1.8%) and in EXL 52 (3.4 and 1.2%) was significantly lower than GLP2 (4.8 and 1.35) during the short and long rains at Kisii and Kabete respectively. Farmyard manure application at the rate of 10 tons /ha significantly lowered bean stem maggots count per plant by (17%) and wilted plants loss by 17% but did not increase adventitious root development, growth measured as shoot dry weight and grain yield relative to control during the long rains at Kisii. In contrast, phosphorus (TSP) fertilizer application increased bean stem maggot counts (33%), shoot dry weight (26%) and grain yield (250%) but did not increase adventitious root development or lower plant loss associated with bean stem maggots. Nitrogen fertilizer (Ammonium sulphate, 75 kg /ha) significantly increased adventitious root development and plant loss but had no effect on growth and grain yield. Overall, fertilizer application did not have significant effect in the levels ofN, P, K and polyphenol in the bean plants.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, 78 (No 3), p. 159-176