Department of Agriculture Annual Report 1962

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Ministry of Agriculture
The start of the year saw the worst effects of the disastrous floods caused by the intense rainfall in the last quarter of 1961. In the early part of 1962 a great deal of effort was directed to measures to relieve the famine situation and to re-establish farming generally. Rainfall thereafter was generally beneficial except in the Coast Province where drought was experienced in the middle of the year. Rift Valley and Nyanza Provinces had generally good farming weather and record harvests of maize and wheat were reported though the quality of the wheat was, not unexpectedly, poor from the millers' viewpoint as a result of the previous wet conditions. In the Trans Nzoia crops were jeopardized in the early stages by plagues of rats which had mUltiplied as a result of the previous conditions through the widespread lodging of cereal crops in 1961. The plague was dealt with and the services of a rodent control expert provided by the Department of Technical Co-operation in London were of the utmost value to the Government in this connexion. Sudan Diochs were also especially troublesome but the control campaign, which had to be mounted on a very much larger scale than in recent years, was highly successful. This was a great tribute to the hard work and zeal of the Department's Bird Control Officer.