NRI- Virology Specialist Input Into KARI -ODA Crop Protection Project Feb -March 1995

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Kenya Agriculture Research Institute
A survey of cassava mosaic disease done whilst I travelled to Nairobi indicated that the Ugandan epidemic is now just beginning to affect the W Kenyan cassava crop. A report has been circulated (appendix 1). At NARL, I discussed with the ODA Review Team the progress made in strengthening virology during Phase 1 of the Crop Protection Project, particularly the re-equipping, improvements to facilities and staff training achieved; a summary report was provided (appendix 2). Virology at NARL will now be able to provide a basic virus identification service to KARl. An important role identified for it is to report to the Crop Protection Co-ordinator on the status of new and current virus problems. In order to assist the planning of Phase 2 of the Crop Protection Project, I visited Njoro NPBRC, Katumani NDFRC and Muguga NARC together with other UK Advisers. During these and subsequent discussions, I suggested that crop protection packages to be tested by farmer participatory research should comprise only a few interventions so that impacts are distinguishable. All institutes involved should emphasise a single crop and a few related crop protection interventions. Supplementary training in ELISA was given to Mr S Kihara; Mr B Odhiambo was in UK.